Open Source Strategy & DevOps

Brickworkx helps you take advantage of open source technology by developing a robust strategy.

Are you a software development organizations struggling to align your Agile software development sprints with the DevOps and infrastructure dependencies, and successfully increase velocity?

Or is your product other than software, but you have questions on how to leverage todays automation and configuration management technologies to move towards ITaaS or PaaS for your organization?

Many organizations today are trying to make sense of the vastly changing landscape involved in using IT as an enabler to increase velocity and time to market.

BrickWorkx has a number of on staff architects that understand what it takes to design, implement, and support your IT initiatives. That have gone through the business transformation from a slow moving IT organization, to a highly automated, CDCI, DevOps at scale hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure Design and Architecture

Today more than ever your IT infrastructure is a critical component to how you deliver products and services.  With the ongoing explosion of new and disruptive technologies, keeping pace with what is relevant and what is hype can be expensive in both time and attention.  Brickworkx is heavily invested in our Architecture team, employing some of the most capable resources in their respective fields.  Our goal is to become an extension of your architecture team, effectively tying business initiatives, KPIS, and drivers, to the products, services, and solutions that will most effectively drive the desired outcome.

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